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Updated: - Saturday 12-May-2018


Competition Winners 2017-18

Maximums - High finishes - Canvey Starr

The next meeting will be the 2018 AGM 13th August.
All items for the AGM should be sent to,
Steve (Bones) Watkins
by 20th July 2018.
Paul Gibbons resigned his position at the last meeting, therefore, proposals and seconding are welcome for debate and voting for Chairman.

Team registration form, Competition sign on forms, and Result sheets.

Do you play darts??

Would you like to play for one of our existing teams? Go to the contacts page (link above) to contact a team near you, find us on Facebook.
NB. players can only sign on for a team up to 31st December each season.
New teams wishing to join the league, need to complete a 'Team Registration form' (link above) and attend the next AGM (with relevent fees), for discussion and voting procedure. Please notify a committee member, before the deadline above, of your intentions. See contacts

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