'Canvey and District Darts League' Rule Book

As at August 2018

See addendum.

The League

  1. The Chairman, League Secretary, Fixtures Secretary, Financial Secretary and Minutes Secretary shall form the committee members and be elected from clubs in the league at the annual AGM. This elected committee shall govern the league for the following season.
  2. All registered members of the league shall be entitled to both attend and vote at the leagues AGM (Annual General Meeting).
  3. The league rules will be decided by an AGM. Any rule or decision, agreed and voted for at an AGM, shall be binding, and may not be altered except at a subsequent AGM or EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING (EGM). 
  4. Meetings of the league will be on the first MONDAY, of the months agreed upon, at that particular seasons AGM.
  5. Voting at monthly meetings shall be on the principle of one vote per club, except that the Chairman shall have an additional or casting vote where a tie is declared.
  6. Clubs who fail to attend any meeting will be FINED £30 and their monthly draw fee, and not be entered for the draw that month. Any change to meeting dates or venues will either be agreed at a meeting or notified in writing.
  7. Any decision taken by the committee will be done by a minimum of 4 committee members. Should this not be possible due to any of the committee being involved then then the decision can be taken by just the remaining members.
  8. All clubs registering to play in the CANVEY & DISTRICT DART LEAGUE shall pay the sum of £20.00, & £25.00 for new teams, this fee will be renewable each season.
  9. A registration fee of £2.00 per player must be paid at the time of registration and must be handed to the League Treasurer along with the registration form. No player is allowed to play until his league fees are in the hands of the League Treasurer.
  10. A player may only register for one team in the CANVEY & DISTRICT DART LEAGUE per season, and must do so before 1st January, unless affected by rule 15, in which case a decision over registration of players from withdrawn teams will be made at the next league meeting.
  11. Protests or objections must be shown in writing to the league secretary within (7) days after the date of the game played, a copy of the complaint to be sent to the opposing team (if another team is involved). Failure to comply with this will make the Protest or Objection invalid.
  12. The League Committee have the power to suspend any player found guilty of a wilful breach of the rules. The player shall have the right to appeal before a full meeting of the club representatives.
  13. The League Committee have the right to suspend any player found guilty of bringing the name of the league into disrepute, by causing a nuisance to other players, to other customers, to other clubs or to any landlord whilst attending to take part in any games affected by or being played under the rules of the 'CANVEY & DISTRICT DART LEAGUE'.
  14. Any club found guilty of playing an ineligible player in their team would be dealt with under rule 9. They shall also have the result cancelled and the opposing team is awarded a 10-0 result.
  15. Any club ceasing to be a member of the 'CANVEY & DISTRICT DART LEAGUE' during the playing season shall have their record determined, as the league committee shall decide. No money will be refunded. Any further application by a club bearing the same name, as the ceased and playing from the same venue will be judged, as would a new team application.
  16. All points gained from any club withdrawing from the league will be cancelled.
  17. Gambling on the outcome of any game or result of the match is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule could lead to suspension.
  18. All players must sign a registration forms themselves; proxy signatures will not be accepted.
  19. 14 year olds can now play but only is accompanied by a parent or guardian. Players under 16 years of age must be presented to the publican, and the opposing team captain. If any player under the age of 18 is found drinking alcohol, they and their parent/guardian will be deemed debarred from 'CANVEY & DISTRICT DART LEAGUE'.
  20. The treasurer of the league is the legal owner of all cups, trophies and monies in trust on behalf of the 'CANVEY & DISTRICT DART LEAGUE'.
  21. All cups and trophies are perpetual and cannot be won outright unless otherwise agreed.
  22. Any eventuality not covered by any of the rule contained herein shall be decided by the league committee, and thereafter become a rule.



League Match Game rules

  1. All matches to be played on a 1 to 20 Treble Bristle Board supplied by the league and they must be properly illuminated. The centre of the bulls-eye to be 5ft 8ins from the floor and 7ft 9¼ins from the 'OCHE'. In the event of there being a dispute over the condition of the board this will be settled by the League Committee will be supplied with a replacement for which they will have to pay.
  2. League matches will consist of 10 games, made up of 1 Treble, 3 Doubles and 6 singles, played in that order. The Captains can now pick their own team for the triples and the captain can make up his pairs then draw will be done in the usual way. If a team is short then 'Blanks' must be inserted and the draw made as normal. Players who are drawn against 'Blanks' will be credited with a 2-0 win.
  3. A minimum of 5 players constitutes a team. Any team turning up with less than 5 players will be deemed not present and forfeit the match. Any club failing to turn up more than once will be excluded from the league and rule 16 will apply.
  4. League matches will be officiated by the captains of their clubs nominated representatives.
  5. Matches to be 501 up, best of three legs, straight start, and finish on a double. The visiting team to throw first in the first leg of the first game, and the Home team to throw first in the second leg of the second game and so the pattern continues throughout the match.
  6. In any match the legs are standing at one all, players to throw for the bull with loser of the second leg going for the bull first.
  7. The score will be called of the darts board, or where the point of the dart touches the board. Once the score has been called, IT WILL COUNT, even if the dart subsequently falls out.
  8. On request from the thrower the caller will announce what has been scored and also, if requested, what total is left. (NOT HOW TO GET IT-OR TRANSLATED INTO DOUBLES).
  9. In the legs of any game the exact score must be obtained and any player who obtains more than the required score or number with any one of his three darts will not have the score counted this means (BUSTED).
  10. Fixtures will be made for Friday Evenings. All game must be played in the week of the original fixture date; Matches played other than on a Friday to be agreed with Hon. Fixtures Secretary. Matches to start at 8:45pm (20:45hrs). The home team will allow visitors at least 15 minutes 'Open Board' to warm up immediately prior to the start (i.e. 20:30 to 20:45hrs). The captains (or their representatives) shall make the draw (including any blanks) in good time, so the prompt start maybe made. Any alteration to the draw must be agreed by both Captains (and their representatives) Players arriving after 9:30pm, 21:30hrs) will be excluded, except by permission of the opposing Captains (or representatives).

32a  Only as a last resort can matches be postponed, and only if, a hard and fast rescheduled date has been identified beforehand and that date has been agreed upon by both teams and put in writing to the Committee, one week (7 days) prior to the scheduled fixture by the Secretary of the team requesting the change.

Failure to do so; the match will have to be played when scheduled, or, the team seeking the postponement, forfeits the match (along with a fine of xxx pounds and or a substantial point reduction).

The team cancelling will lose the match 10 nil and 20 legs to nil. On top there will also be a 3 point deduction. The top 6 players from each team in current standings at the time the game was originally to be played will be awarded a 2 nil win or lose depending which team they represent.

  1. Each game must have a chalker; it is the Home team’s responsibility to provide the chalker. Chalking must be legible and clearly show the total required. A caller to be supplied by the away team, if required by the chalker.
  2. The Secretary of the home team shall send the results card to the fixtures secretary not later than each Monday after the match. Win or Lose. The card should show names of the teams who played, the date of the game, the result and the names of the players of the playing teams. The card must be checked and counter signed as a true record of the match. Failure to notify the fixtures secretary of the result by Monday evening could result in the home team having 3 league points deducted.
  3. Any dart leaving the players hand in a forward motion is to be counted as a throw.
  4. A player shall not throw additional darts after he has either finished or busted.



  1. Registration of the league singles, doubles and trebles competition is £2 per player.
  2. Entry for the KO Cup is £10 per team.
  3. Singles and Pairs competitions shall be played at four venues and the final two players or pairs from each venue will go through to the finals night.
  4. In All Doubles competitions each game must consist of FOUR participating players (2 pairs). If a player for whatever reason is not available on the date of the competition the opposing team will be deemed to have a bye in that round of the competition. This ruling also applies during the 'semi-final and the final' rounds.
  5. In All treble competitions each game must consist of SIX participating players (2 trebles). If a player for whatever reason is not available on the date of the competition the opposing team will be deemed to have a bye in that round of the competition. This ruling also applies during the 'semi-final and the final' rounds.
  6. The two persons nominated to play in the captains and secretary’s cup must be the captain and secretary, if both are at the venue. If either is unavailable then the vice-captain may cover in either position. This will be played on one night at a selected venue and will produce a winner.
  7. Before entering any of the competitions, players are advised that they are only to enter providing that they are available to attend the Finals night. Not attending Finals night could see the offending player banned from ALL the following year’s competitions. The committee will decide this on player by player basis.
  8. All league singles, doubles and trebles draw. If agreed, this can be done by the committee away from the monthly meeting.
  9. KO cup matches will consist of 11 games, made of 2 Trebles, 3 Doubles and 6 singles, played in that order. All legs are to be played 501, double start and double finish.
  10. All competitions including KO Cup matches are to be played on the date specified in the league fixtures at the start of the season. Failure to show at the venue and date agreed will result in the individual or team not attending forfeiting the match. No games can be rearranged.
  11. All competition games for Singles, Pairs and Trebles to be played 501, best of three legs, straight start, and finish on a double. The finals will be best of five legs. 
  12. Champion of Champions competition shall be played on finals night and each team is allowed one representative. The winner of last year’s competition will automatically be entered, therefore one team will have two representatives (One Nominated & One The Holder)
  13. The 180’s competition shall be played as the opening game of the new season. To be eligible to play in this you must have hit a 180 in the previous season.
  14.  Scores for the Competition for the 180’s and Highest Finish shall be counted from the opening game of the season which is the 180’s competition until the end of the last league game of the season. In the event of the highest score being achieved by more than one player then the trophy shall be shared. Any 180s after the last league game and to the Finals Night inclusive should still be eligible for the 180s Competition at the start of the following season.
  15. Player of the Season competition shall be run throughout the league season and will be decided by the player who has won the most number of legs through season in the event of a tie then the leg difference will come into play should this also be the same then the Trophy shall be shared.

52.    Plate. Will be the same format as the KO Cup, 2 trebles, 3 pairs and 6 singles, double in double out. Teams that lose in the first and any preliminary round of the KO cup are then entered into a draw for the Plate.

KO Cup and Plate format;

Draw for KO Cup prelim.

KO Cup Prelim: - winner enters draw for KO Cup 1st rd.

Loser enters the Plate.

KO Cup 1st rd.: - winners enter KO Cup semi-final

Losers of KO Cup 1st rd. (along with KO Cup prelim loser), enter draw for Plate prelim.

Winner of the Plate prelim enters the draw with the rest of the KO Cup 1st rd. losers; enter the draw for Plate semi-final.

The KO Cup and the Plate progress in tandem to their Finals.

NB; Preliminaries are only required whilst there are an odd amount of teams in the league.



Rules amended AGM August 2018


  • ALL trophies will be presented on finals night. (Except the 180s competition as this is part of the previous season).
  • Ladies can sign and play for Canvey & District Darts League teams.
  • Top / Bottom League, 4 players constitute a team. Byes to be placed at the end of pairs and the end of singles.
  • Team non-attendance at meetings carries a £30 fine plus £10 draw money and will be entered in that months draw. Draw money and fine to be paid at the following month’s meeting, (less any draw winnings).

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